Hello, I’m Tash.
I'm a designer who's led teams at places like Facebook and the New York Times. My work translates challenging business problems into intuitive flows and interfaces. I also built an e-commerce company called Coastermatic, and live in Berkeley, California.

A few of my recent projects are below. If you’d like to know more about them or other things I've worked on, hit me up on Twitter and let’s chat.


Facebook Showcase Upfronts

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In the television industry, Upfronts are a gathering at the start of advertising sales periods. They are generally hosted by TV and digital network executives and attended by major advertisers and the media. It is the largest video buying event in the world, with $30B in advertising sold during this period of time in the US alone.

In early 2019, Facebook entered into its first Upfronts with the introduction of Showcase for Premium Video Advertisers. Traditional upfront ad sales come in the form of large orders for an upcoming year. This is radically different than Facebook’s standard auction system and introduces complexities such as pricing fairness and inventory management.

To accommodate this buying style, my team worked across 3 internal organizations to develop new backend systems, sales processes, and user facing software. As a lead, I drove product definition and fostered alignment within our cross functional team and with our cross organizational partners. I was directly responsible for the workflows and interfaces used for upfront deal management and inventory reservation.

Facebook Advertiser Brand Safety

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Brand Safety is keeping a brand’s reputation safe when they advertise online. At Facebook, we worked to give advertisers the ability to limit the risk of their ads being placed next to content not aligned with their brand.

I lead our cross-functional team across Menlo Park, Seattle, and London. Together, we evolved a fractured tool set and designed a consolidated brand safety destination within Facebook’s suite of advertising tools. Our primary challenge was creating tools that were accessible to advertisers with a wide range of sophistication and brand sensitivity.

A feature of this work, Inventory Filters, launched in April 2019 to millions advertisers. In designing this feature, the process required me to balance the needs of a large advertiser base with the competing goals of the stakeholder teams, and close collaboration with the design systems team.


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Coastermatic is an e-commerce business specializing in personalized, ceramic drink coasters. Starting with Instagram coasters, our catalog expanded to include artist partnerships and mobile photo uploads. Coastermatic received positive press and our products were stocked across the US.

The company began as graduate school project with Tom Harman. In 2013, I took the business solo and grew it to a team of 5. Over the years, I supported all aspects of company. This included building the initial site from PHP and MySQL, roadmapping product development and marketing efforts, and managing legal challenges.

In 2015, I spoke about the ups and downs of life as a creative entrepreneur at the Typo conference in San Francisco.